Hospital & Quality Control Management Diploma – Online Program

Key Information:

  • Internationally certified program
  • Excellent career prospects
  • Studied through online program
  • Full academic and progression support


The Hospital Quality Control Management Diploma offered by FM Training  is validated and awarded by the Canadian International Academy for Advanced Studies (CIAAS) in Canada, and is recognized worldwide.

The governments in various countries are also encouraging the hospitals and healthcare institutes to adopt international or national standards on healthcare quality leading to accreditation of these hospitals. To survive and grow in global markets, hospitals will be required to develop patient focus strategy and involve employees in continuous quality improvement to continually improve Hospital Quality.

The Hospital Quality Control Management program is intended for both hospitals and healthcare organizations. It offers participants a unique opportunity to enhance their skills in the area of Quality Management and introduces them to the modern tools and techniques necessary for establishing quality systems that satisfies the requirements of international standards.



  • Duration is very flexible depending on the participant’s schedule.
  • Maximum duration of 9 month
  • Note: The participant will get automatically deactivated if he/she has not completed the program for more than the maximum                duration.


Entry Requirements:

  • A graduate degree of an approved medical university – Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary
  • Good command of the English language ( English language course are available for those who need to enhance their English language)
  • Computer literate, knowledge of Microsoft Word & Power point


Teaching method:

  • Trainee will receive e-books , lectures (pdf) and power point presentations on weekly basis
  • Professional tutor follow up and consultations.
  • Close critical analysis of visual and written material.


Assessment methods:

  • Weekly assignments (MCQ) will be sent to participants, assessed and they will be notified of their weekly assessment.
  • Final assessment exam worth 300 marks will be sent to participants upon completion of course material. Participants will have 24          hours to complete the assignment.
  • Guided project to be conducted by participants through the course program designed to demonstrate their understanding of a                concept or concepts. This project will be worth 400marks.


Fee & Payment:




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